Cross-strait Relations

A potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait could serve to critically undermine the stability of the region. The issue of Cross-strait relations has been often complicated by each side’s solution for resolving the Taiwan Strait issue – in the case of Beijing, opposing “Taiwan independence”, there is a difference of opinion among the Taiwanese political factions – between those who advocate cross-strait reconciliation and those who lean towards independence.

The Cross-strait relations research project at ISDP sets out to discuss the security situation in the Taiwan Strait through the lens of conflict prevention and management. It aims to focus on the challenges and opportunities facing the two sides to identify barriers, and open up new paths to peaceful development on Cross-Strait relations. Research deliberates the development of opinions on both sides, and investigates issues dividing the parties. The project is also expected to play a proactive and coordinating role in the establishment of networks between security experts from Taiwan and Mainland China to exchange their views on the Cross-Strait relations.

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