Strategic Consultancy

Looking to expand your business in Eurasia? Confronted with political barriers? Lacking the regional networks?

The Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP) is a world-leading research and policy organization specializing in the fields of global security and socioeconomic development.

Faced with the uncertainties of an ever-evolving global environment, corporate stakeholders are in need of strategic tools to navigate the risks associated with geopolitical and economic volatility. 

We help policymakers and corporate stakeholders identify and manage strategic risks in a fast-changing geopolitical environment.

Acquire Strategic Insights to Navigate Global Risks

With established expertise in the fields of international security, geostrategic issues, and socio-economic development, the ISDP Consultancy Service provides corporate decision-makers with in-depth analysis, specialized insights, and advice to help them make informed decisions.

In providing its consultancy services, the ISDP has access to a unique and multidisciplinary network of experts and partners to draw upon (including government bodies in the fields of security, defense, and development; EU institutions; think tanks, etc.). With offices in both Stockholm and Washington, as well as strong in-country and in-region networks, our team can offer specialized, insightful, and up-to-date information. Our consultancy portfolio is tailored to our clients’ needs and objectives, allowing them to identify key opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

ISDP’s region of expertise stretches from Eastern Europe through Central and South Asia, all the way to Northeast Asia. Our institute has unique insight and knowledge of the countries within our focus regions but has particular expertise in the Korean Peninsula, China, Japan, India, Taiwan, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

Our Services

Geo-Strategic Intelligence

We support clients in identifying and tracking major geopolitical trends and developments. We formulate insights and forecasts that enable them to build resilient strategies.

Risk Assessment

We deliver political risk assessments to inform decisions on market entry, M&A, and other strategic transactions. We also conduct political monitoring of selected regions or countries.

Business Intelligence

We provide country-specific and/or regional analysis to inform decisions on market entry. Moreover, we investigate business opportunities for corporate clients and assist them in forging new business partnerships in regions of interest to their operations.

Workshops & Training

We provide advice and coaching to corporations and business decision-makers seeking to expand their activity in foreign markets. We deliver personalized briefings and consultations with our experts’ network.

Strategic Reports & Analysis

ISDP’s Strategic Analysis Reports provide our clients with unique and insightful written analyses on the topics that really matter to them. The bespoke reports can come in the form of individual memos or a regular reporting mechanism where our researchers will monitor the latest political developments in selected areas. Each report provides expert opinion and paints a more nuanced picture of the latest geo-political developments – enabling the client to understand the stories behind the story.

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