Unpacking Taiwan’s Internationalization across the EU – ISDP organized a roundtable discussion

May 22, 2023: On May 17, ISDP’s Associated Research Fellow Zsuzsa Anna Ferenczy visited ISDP for a discussion on “Unpacking Taiwan’s Internationalization across the EU”.

Against the backdrop of growing geostrategic competition and China’s tendency toward regional aggression, Taiwan’s profile has increased across the EU. While constraints for an upgrade in cooperation remain, the EU is aware of Taiwan’s geostrategic importance and is taking measures to adjust to emerging dynamics and increase its resilience. The future of EU-Taiwan cooperation depends on how the EU manages to rebalance cooperation with China, but also on member states’ political will to coordinate and explore ways to expand cooperation with Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific. In this learning process Taiwan has its own agency which will equally shape the future of cooperation.

Zsuzsa Anna Ferenczy Ph.D. is an Affiliated Scholar at the Department of Political Science of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels), Head of the Associate Network at 9DASHLINE, a fast-growing platform dedicated to offering original comment and analysis on issues affecting the Indo-Pacific, Research Fellow at Taiwan Next Gen Foundation, Expert Consultant on China, Taiwan and the Korean Peninsula of Human Rights Without Frontiers. Currently Zsuzsa conducts research as a Taiwan Fellow hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan, and is Assistant Professor at the National Dong Hwa University in Hualien. Zsuzsa’s fields of expertise are EU foreign and security policy, European normative power and human rights, EU relations with China and Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific.

The discussion was joined by ISDP’s Director Niklas Swanström, ISDP research staff, and representatives from the Stockholm academia and policy community.