Recording available: South Korea, India, and the Emerging Quad Plus Calculus

February 7, 2024: The recording of the webinar “South Korea, India, and the Emerging Quad Plus Calculus” is now available on ISDP’s YouTube channel.

This webinar (supported by the Korea Foundation) aimed to look into the prospects of India-South Korea cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region through a Quad Plus format.

Key Questions:

  1. Where does Seoul’s engagement with the Indo-Pacific stand and where does the Quad feature therein? What are South Korea’s reasons for seeking greater cooperation with the Quad?  
  2. What shape would South Korea’s cooperation with the Quad take? Would it emerge as a new ‘Quint’ platform or as a more flexible and ad hoc ‘Quad Plus’ format? 
  3. What are the prospects for India-Korea cooperation in the Indo-Pacific? Considering their bilateral cooperation, what are the prospects for both countries to promote and enhance minilateral formats of cooperation in the region, particularly about the Quad? 
  4. How can we envision a strategic convergence between India and South Korea in Indo-Pacific minilateral frameworks? In other words, what other minilateral forums could set this example for quad-plus format cooperation? 

Speakers: Dr. Choong Yong Ahn, Dr. Pooja Bhatt, Ms. Mahima Duggal, Dr. Stephen Nagy, Dr. Brendon J. Cannon

Moderator: Jagannath Panda, Head of the Stockholm Center for South Asian and Indo-Pacific Affairs, ISDP

Find out more about the event here.