Newsletter: India-Sweden Strategic Compass, Vol.2 No. 3 May-June 2023

Newsletter August, 2023, Vol.2 No. 3 May-June 2023

August 3, 2023: The Stockholm Center for South Asian and Indo-Pacific Affairs publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, the ‘India-Sweden Strategic Compass’. The newsletter focuses on current affairs, highlighting Sweden and India relations, India-Nordic relations, EU-India relations, domestic developments in India, and relevant international updates.

The latest issue can be accessed here.

The latest issue deals with India’s growing engagement with the West, covering the progressive relations between India and France, India and the U.S. This issue covers how Prime Minister Modi’s high-profile visits to the U.S. in June and France in July have indeed started a new chapter in India’s strategic partnership with both Europe and the U.S. These visits will be a turning point for the EU and its member states strengthening of ties with India in fields ranging from new and critical technologies to renewable energy in these challenging times exacerbated by authoritarian states exploiting ideological, geographical, and cultural divisions. This issue also covers India’s growing chemistry with Sweden and how there is good momentum is building between India and Sweden.

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