Sino-Regional Relations

The economic and political reemergence of China as a global actor profoundly affects the calculus of regional relations. This sets the stage for new opportunities, risks and social processes. China’s neighborhood has over the last century seen highly complex patterns of both conflict and cooperation, the effects of which continue to affect mutual perceptions and actions. As such, regional relations do are by no means a one-way street: they are a stage where progress and volatility often go hand-in-hand. Encompassing a region of global economic importance, developments in China’s neighbourhood will be of far-reaching significance.

These complex and far-reaching effects make the study of Sino-regional relations of great importance to policymakers worldwide. At ISDP, the study of China’s relationship with its wider periphery ties into many of the issues central to the Institute’s work. Recognizing that relationships come from a multiplicity of sides, ISDP has designed its organization to allow for an as wide as possible array of perspectives. Through expert research, capacity building, and facilitation of dialogue ISDP delivers an active contribution to breaking down walls of misunderstanding and the promoting of beneficial linkages between policymakers in critical positions.

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