Understanding North Korea’s Resilience through Economy, Laws and Governance: a review of introductory sources and essential monographs

Journal Article February, 2023, The Northeast Asian Economic Review Vol. 8, No. 1, 2023: 17-28.

This article reviews contributions that may help researchers re-evaluate the question of the
North Korea’s remarkable resilience in spite of its undeniable economic failure, a seemingly
obscure legal system, and flawed governance. The review focuses therefore on three pillars
of the North Korean regime and their historical evolution: the economy, the legal-judicial
landscape (inclusive of state bureaucracy and legislative processes) and institutional profile
anchored to the conventional understanding of the DPRK as a failed state. The purpose of this review is to introduce studies – particularly those produced over the last two decades – that can specifically guide researchers who have recently approached North Korea in their inquiries.


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