The AI Race: Collaboration to Counter Chinese Aggression

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to replace humans, as it can help overcome language barriers, improve governance, deliver better healthcare, and create art. However, AI also has the potential to be highly disruptive, causing ripples that can alter the existing democratic world order. Using AI for facial recognition and leading crackdowns on dissenting citizens is just one of its many negative uses. In the international arena, particularly during conflicts, AI can collect voice samples from militarily sensitive regions, and the data collected could be used for automated extra-territorial mass surveillance. While the U.S. and China are the leaders in AI so far, other states have also started realizing its importance. In this context, it is essential to underline India’s AI experience. Democracies need to collaborate to ensure the current democratic world order does not get thwarted by revisionist powers using the malicious potency of AI.

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