Enlarging Indo-Pacific into the Orbit of Euro-Atlantic: Implications for India

Issue & Policy Briefs September, 2022


Following the release of the United States’ Indo-Pacific strategy that called for building bridges between the Indo-Pacific and the Euro-Atlantic, the idea of interlinking the two geopolitical theaters has gained significant currency, especially against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As China and Russia’s diplomatic and military cooperation deepened amidst the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. and some of its European and Asian allies declared that the security of the two geopolitical regions is indivisible and requires an inter-theater outlook. India, which is a major player in the Indo-Pacific region, has been lukewarm to such a strategic merger. However, notwithstanding India’s reservations, endeavors are underway to re-imagine the two geopolitical theaters as one. In this context, this issue brief explores the factors driving the merger of the two geopolitical theaters and its possible implications for India.

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