Clean-Energy Supply Chains in the Indo-Pacific: Prioritizing the Quad’s Role

Focus Asia August, 2022

In recognition of the Indo-Pacific region being vital to the clean-energy transition, the ‘Indo-Pacific Clean Energy Supply Chain Forum’ was hosted in July 2022 by Australia with support from its Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) partners. The clean-energy transition is expected to gain momentum in the coming years as regional countries race to meet their climate targets and attempt to reduce their energy insecurity by ceasing the import of fossil fuels. However, while this acceleration of the green transition is certainly desirable, the present clean-energy supply chains are not stable enough to facilitate the shift. The transition will only move the region’s dependence on China for energy as a consequence of Beijing’s current near-monopoly over clean-energy supply chains, making them vulnerable to disruptions and weaponization for foreign policy gains. As such, this paper aims to highlight how the Quad’s national drives, bilateral ties, available resources, experience and reach mean the grouping has a unique opportunity to step up cooperation towards establishing alternative clean-energy supply chains in the Indo-Pacific. These supply chains will contribute to the region’s green transition whilst also reducing energy insecurity and re-balancing geo-political power away from China.

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