Women, Security & Development

The events of the 21st century have convincingly demonstrated that women’s security issues are indivisible from the general present-day political, economic, and socio-cultural context. Due to military and ethnic violence, escalating militarism and revived fundamentalism, new threats to women’s and girl’s empowerment have emerged. Equal rights of women are essential in order to foster peace, democracy and economic development. One of the most important factors in reaching gender equality is equal access to education. There are long term benefits of girl’s education that extend beyond the individual and their families. Educating young girls and women is one of the most powerful tools to empower women, both within the personal sphere and in the society as whole.

ISDP’s activities in this field focuses on research and analysis of current trends and policies concerning gender inequality. These issues are key to resolving security and development issues linked to gender inequality, such as deficit in democracy, women participation and conflict resolution.

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