Olof Ehrenkrona is a former Swedish diplomat. He was appointed ambassador to the foreign ministry´s Cabinet office, dealing with issues of globalization and Internet freedom 2006-2014. He served four years as Consul General in the Åland Islands. In the early nineties, Ehrenkrona was appointed head of policy planning in the prime minister´s office. In 1994 he founded a consultant company, Stockholms Hjärnverk AB – CEO until 2006. Olof Ehrenkrona has been an editorial writer in Svenska Dagbladet and senior advisor to the leaders of the Conservative Party, 1978-1984. He has published books on Swedish 19th century political and economic history. He studied at the University of Uppsala with a BA in Political science, History of Ideas and Science, and History of Law. He has been a member of the board of Stockholm University, Martens Center in Brussels, and the Swedish Institute for Future Studies.