Women in Politics: A Comparative Perspective of Sweden and Japan – Recording available online

Eventposter women in politics with the Swedish and Japanese flags in the background

March 17, 2022: The full recording of the webinar “Women in Politics: A Comparative Perspective of Sweden and Japan” is now available on ISDP’s YouTube channel.

Democratic progress is critically intertwined with female participation and democratic institutions and societal actors are stronger with female participation. Japan is the oldest democracy in Northeast Asia. Yet challenges to empower female political participation in the country have lingered turning Japan into a laggard in comparison to its democratic neighbors in the region. 2021 saw Sweden celebrate 100 years of female political enfranchisement. Although obstacles to full gender equality still remain, the country, together with its Nordic neighbors, has a long history of progressing female political participation.  

The Stockholm Japan Center was happy to host a discussion on the factors that have hindered and empowered women in parliamentary institutions, exchanging Swedish and Japanese perspectives.

Here you can find more information about the webinar.