Sangsoo Lee and Ingrid Eelde Koivisto in Around the Rings: North Korean Participation in Winter Olympics would be Highly Symbolic

November 30, 2017: Sangsoo Lee and Ingrid Eelde Koivisto were quoted in Around the Rings on the symbolism and potential effects of North Korea participating in the WInter Olympics to be held in South Korea in the beginning of 2018.

Lee: “If North Korea joins the Olympic Games, it would be a symbolic gesture, and a step towards a next move. But again, diplomatic talks between the two Koreas will not happen before the issue has been discussed between US and North Korea.”

Eelde Koivisto: “Being a nuclear state would mean they would go into negotiations with a much better bargaining power. Their tone clearly shows their purpose with the test: To show to the international community that they can no longer ignore North Korea as a nuclear state.”