Peace Education Trainings Second Phase on Political Dialogue Completed in Yangon

The Second Phase of the Peace Education Training has been completed in Yangon, with the topic of this years training on ‘Political Dialogue’. The training was held in partnership with the Myanmar Minerva Education Centre (MMEC) between the dates of 24th June – 28th June 2015. The training was attended by 30 participants from Shan, Rakhine, Karen, Kayar, Mon, Chin, Bago and Mandalay. The participants were selected because of both their role in the reform process as well as their prior experience in civic education programs, and their involvement in political parties, NGOs or civil society organisations. The resource people were a mix of local and international experts with the agenda designed to ensure that the participants would develop a sound understanding of how political dialogue fits into the peace process, and the way it is envisioned it will be undertaken. Further the agenda prepared the participants to replicate the training in their regions later in the year. The training was made possible due to funding from the European Union.