Niklas Swanström holds Keynote Speech at the ALYAS Lectures in Prague

June 19th, 2017: Niklas Swanström, Director of ISDP, holds a keynote speech at the AMO Lectures for Young Asia Scholars (ALYAS) program in Prague.

ALYAS is a series of lectures for outstanding Czech young professionals in civil service, business, non-profit sector and academia with an interest in Asia affairs. Its main objective is to deepen the understanding of political, economic, security and social issues of the Asia region in the Czech Republic by offering an exclusive opportunity to interact directly with experts and practitioners in the field. The previous speakers at ALYAS included Andreas List from the EEAS, ambassadors of Asian countries to the Czech Republic, Asia experts from the Czech Republic, U.S., U.K., Sweden and India. Apart from 20 ALYAS participants, the final event is usually open to Czech and foreign experts on Asia, diplomats and journalists.