A New Dawn? Sino-German Relations Post-Merkel – Recording available online

202203331 China Lecture Sino-German Relations Poster Credits 225

March 31, 2022: The full recording of the webinar “A New Dawn? Sino-German Relations Post-Merkel” is now available on ISDP’s YouTube channel.

The relationship between China and Germany has for long been scrutinized, both domestically and internationally. While the Merkel government resisted calls for a tougher stance vis-à-vis Beijing, Berlin could find itself under greater pressure to rethink its China policy, not least since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Trade between Germany and China remains a major aspect of the global economy – yet there are signs that relations are fraying at the edges. With the Scholz government rethinking much of its foreign and security policy, advocating for a tougher stance on political suppression in Hong Kong and human rights abuses in Xinjiang, questions regarding the future trajectory of Sino-German relations arise. 

We were honored to welcome Dr. Nadine GodehardtDr. Marc Lanteigne and Nele van Zwamen for a webinar on the present and future of Sino-German relations in the post-Merkel era.

Here you can find more information about the webinar.