A Time To End Palestinian Incitement

SILK ROAD FORUM with Dr. David Pollock

Senior Fellow at The Washington Institute of Near East Policy

Thursday, 23 Januari, 2014, 15.00-16.30


Dr. David Pollock is a Senior Fellow at The Washington Institute of Near East Policy in Washington D.C., a leading think tank working to advance a balanced and realistic understanding of American interests in the Middle East and to promote the policies that secure them. Dr. Pollock is an expert in the political dynamics of Middle East countries, having previously served as Senior Advisor for the Broader Middle East at the State Department where he provided policy advice on issues of democracy and reform in the region.

Dr. Pollock’s report, A Time To End Palestinian Incitement (Summary of the report), is a compelling piece on the role incitement plays in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process. The report is unique in that it highlights the policy failures in fighting incitement, demonstrating the impact of these failures and offering concrete policy recommendations. In a persuasive way, Dr. Pollock’s analysis helps make the case as to why this issue is so critical for those who would like to see real change in the region. During his presentation, Dr. Pollock will present the key findings of his paper. Dr. Pollock will be in Europe, January 20-30, to discuss his paper and its findings with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of this topic, opening a healthy debate and discussing real options to address this issue.

Location: ISDP, Västra Finnbodavägen 2, Stockholm-Nacka. For a map and directions, please go here.

To attend: RSVP to Ms. Lisa Bäckman at lbackman@isdp.eu