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    Why Brexit won’t bring China and Britain together

    A key promise in the Brexit bandwagon was that after Brexit, Britain could negotiate trade deals with whomever they liked. After all, Britain hasn’t negotiated an independent trade treaty since 1973. Seemingly, Britain could offset the negative implications of leaving the single market by crafting new trade deals with partners like China. There is some merit […]

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    Uphill Battle for Maehara’s Democratic Party

    On September 1, Japan’s opposition Democratic Party (DP) held a leadership election pitting former Minister of Foreign Affairs Seiji Maehara against former Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano. Although Maehara won, setbacks in the first weeks along with long-term challenges on politics and on policy indicate that much more than a new leader is likely needed […]

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    North Korea and Iran’s Nuclear Programs: A Misleading Analogy

    As the international community stands again on the brink of nuclear crisis, some have speculated whether an Iran-style “solution” is possible in the case of North Korea. While Pyongyang has accelerated its nuclearization, Tehran struck a deal in 2015 to relinquish its nuclear weapons ambitions. Closer analysis of the two countries’ programs and differences, however, […]

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